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Acento Latin Ktichen first opened it's doors on Jan 7th of 2019. That moment was the culmination of endless hours of hard work and dedication. Acento Latin Kitchen  is the embodiment of Latin culture and Latin home style cooking. It is important for us to bring our abuelita style food to Astoria in an elevated manner that is not only well presented but is also abundant because we all know our abuelitas wanted to make sure we were full.



If you look at our wall there are some family photos, it was very important for us to honor our parents’ journey that got us to this point and made sure that our culture was strongly ingrained in us. We hope to continue that path forward and ingrain our culture not only on our children but our customers. As we feel cultural understanding is the key to cultural appreciation. And there is no better way to understand a culture than by enjoying its culinary offerings.

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